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Uniden Digital Wireless Baby Monitor

SKU:  UBW2101

Uniden's new Digital Wireless Baby Monitor provides you the assurance of monitoring your baby and kids' day or night. The full color LCD displays high quality video during the day, and black and white night vision video in the dark. You can lull your baby to sleep with built-in lullabies or use the walkie-talkie feature to soothe them. With the Power Save mode enabled, you won't have the bright LCD keeping you awake at night, but rest assured, it will turn back on when the baby cries.

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Keep tabs on your baby from a distance, using the Uniden UBW2101 Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5" Monitor and Portable Camera. This secure, digital, interference-free baby monitor is easy to set up and requires no wiring or expertise. It provides a full-color image, plus sound and night view, so you can enjoy peace of mind. It even features a set of pre-programmed lullabies to soothe your baby to sleep. The system comes with a single portable camera and a portable 3.5-inch color monitor. Additional cameras, up to four, can be added.

Portable 3.5-inch Full-Color LCD monitor

The 3.5-inch color monitor is sized just right for easy viewing and is small enough to fit comfortably on a nightstand. Night-vision technology allows you to monitor your baby at night in black-and-white.

Expandable--Pair Up to Four Cameras

The UBW2101 wireless digital baby monitor comes with a single camera. You can add additional cameras if you choose. The system supports up to four cameras. With multiple cameras, images can be shown in several configurations. Full-screen view lets a single camera feed fill the screen, while auto-scan flips between camera feeds. There's also a quad mode that displays four cameras on screen at once.

Monitor Switches on When Baby Cries

You'll sleep better, knowing that this monitor features voice-activated recording. The sound of your baby's voice will activate the camera and turn on your LCD monitor, so you can see exactly what's going on.

Three Soothing Built-in Lullabies

Three pre-recorded lullabies can be set to play, soothing and relaxing your child. You can turn the lullabies on and off remotely, through the monitor, so you don't disturb baby's sleep.

Night Vision Camera Provides Monitoring in the Dark

The camera's night vision feature provides a clear black-and-white view within a range of ten feet. You can monitor your baby even in complete darkness, and you won't have to worry about disturbing his or her sleep.

General UBW2101 UDW20055 UDW10003
Wireless Parameters
Frequency 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz
Modulation Digital FHSS Digital FHSS Digital FHSS
Range 500' 500' 500'
Camera Channels 4 4 4
Receiver Parameters
LCD 3.5"Color LCD 7"Color LCD 3.5"Color LCD
Pixel Count 320 x 240 480 x 234 320 x 240
Ratio 4:3 2:1 4:3
Rechargeable Battery LiPo 1250mAh LiPo 1800mAh
Battery Life 10 hrs N/A 10 hrs
Remote Control
Button Control
Digital Zoom, Pan Tilt 2X 2X
View Mode Full, Scan, Quad Full, Scan, Quad Full, Scan, Quad
# Cameras Supported 4 4 4
# Cameras Recorded 1 1 1
Built in Recording
Voice Activated Recording
Manual Recording
Recording Method SD Card (Not Included)
2-way Audio
AV Out
Camera Parameters
# Cameras Included 1 2 1
Rechargeable Battery LiPO 1300mAh LiPo 1800mAh
IR Cut Filter
IR LEDs 7 24 11
Night Vision Range 10' 40' 10'
Weather Resistance IP44
PC Software
Record Mode Motion, Schedule, Manual Motion, Schedule, Manual
Motion Detection
Motion Sensitivity

Camera Compatibility Chart

Microphone On Camera
AV Out To TV
Two-Way Audio
Voice Activated
SD Card
Network Connectivity
Rechargeable Monitor
Charging Cradle
Infrared Cut Filter
Screen Size 3.5 Inch Screen
Resolution 320 x 240
Rechargeable Camear
Recording Feature
Audio Monitoring
Accessory Camera
Night Vision Capability Up to 10 ft
Digtial Zoom
Record To SD Card
Multiple Camera Recording
Scheduled Recording
Motion Detection
Manual Recording
Video Recording Playback
Quad View, Scan, Full Screen
Transmission Range Up to 500 ft
Maximum Number Up to 4 Cameras
Remote Viewing
Smart Phone App
Built-In Audio Lullaby
Room Temperature Alert
Simple DIY Setup
Interference Free
Secure Digital Connection
Wireless Video Transmission
Remote PC Video Recording
Power Save
Color White
Color Screen Display
Remote Mobile Snapshot
Product Dimension 12" x 10" x 4" (Packaged)
Product Weight 3 lbs 2 oz
Warranty (New/Like New) 1 Year / 90 Days

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