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Two Weather Resistant 37 Mile Range FRS/GMRS Radios With 2 Carabiners

SKU:  GMR3799-2CK

The Uniden GMR3799-2CK 2-way radio is a lightweight, rugged and state of the art device equipped with many valuable features and accessories, including Realtree™ AP camouflage casing and 2 carabiner clips. Use it at sporting events, to stay in contact with family and friends, hiking, skiing, outdoors, or in a neighborhood watch for vital communication.

Stay in contact during outdoor activities, sporting events, and more with the Uniden GMR3799-2CK 37-mile 2-way radios. This 22-channel radio set boasts a durable,camouflage casing design and a range of up to 37 miles. The radios are lightweight and easy to carry, making them perfect for backpacking, skiing and playing outdoors with family and friends or for communicating with neighbors during a neighborhood watch. The radios also feature access to weather alerts from the NOAA, making it easy to stay safe in all weather conditions.

37-mile Range Keeps You Connected

Whether you're attending a big event, patrolling the neighborhood, or setting out on a long hike, this Uniden two-way radio set will keep you and your party connected. With the included GMRS frequencies, these radios can be used over a range of up to 37 miles.

Convenient Channel Scanning for Easy Communication

Easily scan for other GMRS/FRS radio users in your area.

Backlit LCD Screen for Easy Viewing

The orange backlit LCD screen is easy to read both day and night. It shows all necessary radio data, including which channel you are on. The screen also displays the battery charge level so you'll know when the battery is running low. Use the charging station to charge both radios at once. Typical battery life is about ten hours.

22 Radio Channels for Optimal Communication

With 15 GMRS and seven FRS channels, this Uniden two-way radio gives you several options for communicating. The FRS channels are best for short-range use while GMRS channels are ideal over longer distances of up to 37 miles. This radio also features a Weather Radio Broadcast mode, which allows you to select a weather channel and hear weather alerts from NOAA.

Keypad Lock Prevents Accidental Changes

Avoid accidental calls or channel changes with this Uniden two-way radio's convenient keypad lock. Activate the lock to secure the keypad and protect it from bumps and hits while you move about.

General GMR3799-2CK GMR3799-2CKHS GMR4040-2CKHS
Channels 22 22 22
Privacy Codes 121 121 121
Total Channel Combinations 2684 2684 2684
NOAA Weather With Alert
Maximum Range* 37 Miles 37 Miles 40 Miles
Call Tones 5 5 10
Waterproof Resistant Resistant Resistant
Camouflage Realtree™ AP Realtree™ AP
Charging Cradle
VOX Headsets or Unit Headsets or Unit Headsets or Unit
Includes Headsets
Includes Carabiners
USB Charging
Glow-in-the-dark Buttons
Power Boost
Vibrate Alert
DC Input for Car Charging USB

Range 37 Miles
Direct Call
Automatic Channel Change
Signal Boost
Privacy Codes
Silent Mode
Number of Channels 22
N.O.A.A. / Weather
Headset Compatible
Weather Resistant
Floating Capability
Charging Cradle Included
Voice Activated Headset Feature
Battery Strength Meter
Backlit Display
Rechargeable Power Source
Belt Clip
Roger Beep Feature
Vibrate Notification
Keypad Lock
Color Realtree™ Camouflage
Product Weight 2 lbs
Warranty (New / Like New) 3 years / 90 days

Download Owner's Manual:

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