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Uniden Lullaboo Wireless Baby Monitor

SKU:  UBR223

Uniden's new Digital Wireless Baby Monitor provides you the assurance of monitoring your baby and kids' day or night. Lull your baby to sleep with built-in lullabies or use the walkie-talkie feature to soothe them. There's even a built-in night light, and temperature alert to help ensure your baby and kids' room is not too hot or cold, but just right.

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Uniden Lullaboo Baby Monitor (UBR223)

Get a better night's sleep with the Uniden Lullaboo UBR223 baby monitor. See in the dark up to 15' with the portable camera (included), with the option to expand to up to four cameras when the time is right. Baby's movements are easy to see with the excellent resolution of your portable display, and easy to track with digital pan, tilt, or zoom options that are conveniently accessible on your nearby monitor. The rechargeable battery provides 4 hours of use with the automatic audio-on feature, and your battery is saved unless baby makes a sound. You needn't worry about interference with other wireless devices throughout the house with this highly-rated system.

Clear Picture so You Can Rest Easier

Our 2.4" hi-res color screen provides you with a clear picture of the nursery so you can relax, and you'll have the option to digitally pan, tilt, or zoom. Better yet, the rechargeable Lithum Polymer (Li-Poly) battery will operate for up to 4 hours. The monitor automatically goes on standby if no sounds are detected, thus extending battery time.

See Clearly in the Dark so You Won't Wake Baby

The portability of the camera that comes with the Uniden Lullaboo UBR223 baby monitor means you'll get the perfect angle of your sleeping angel from even 15'. Should you need to creep in on tip-toes, the convenient night light will guide your way.

Two-way Audio for Lullabies and Good Nights

Baby can drift back to sleep and you can stay in bed with the two-way audio. The soothing sounds of a soft lullaby or the comforting sound of your own voice means both of you will enjoy an easier night's rest.

Room Temperature Alert Keeps Baby Comfortable

Baby can't regulate its temperature just yet, but you can with the temperature alert feature. If the room's heat gets too high or dips too low, you'll be alerted so you can adjust as needed.

No Interference with Wireless Devices - Just Relax

With the Uniden UBR223, you needn't worry about interference with your cell phone, cordless phone, router, or other wireless devices, so you can relax.

Camera Compatibility Chart

Microphone On Camera
AV Out To TV
Two-Way Audio
Voice Activated
SD Card
Network Connectivity
Rechargeable Monitor
Charging Cradle
Infrared Cut Filter
Screen Size 2.4 Inch Screen
Resolution 480 x 234
Rechargeable Camear
Recording Feature
Audio Monitoring
Accessory Camera
Night Vision Capability Up To 15 Feet
Digtial Zoom Yes
Record To SD Card
Multiple Camera Recording
Scheduled Recording
Motion Detection
Manual Recording
Video Recording Playback
Quad View, Scan, Full Screen
Transmission Range 500 Feet
Maximum Number Up to 4 Cameras
Remote Viewing
Smart Phone App
Built-In Audio Lullaby
Room Temperature Alert
Simple DIY Setup
Interference Free
Secure Digital Connection
Wireless Video Transmission
Remote PC Video Recording
Power Save
Color White
Color Screen Display
Remote Mobile Snapshot
Product Dimension 9" W x 10" H x 4" D
Product Weight 2 lbs
Warranty (New/Like New) 3 Years / 90 Days

Download Owner's Manual:

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