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Mounting Knob For Selective Scanner & CB Model Radios (Black)

SKU:  GMSC405736A

Compatible With The Following Models: BC7, BC15, BC20, BC23A, BC350A, BC350C, BC355C, BC355N, BCD536HP, BCT7, BCT8, BCT15, BCT15X, BC780XLT, BC785D, BCD996T, BCD996XT, BEARCAT 680, BEARCAT 880, BEARCAT 980 SSB, PRO538W, PC68XL, PC68LTW, PC68ELITE, PC78XL, PC78LTW, PC78ELITE, PC787, PRO505XL, PRO510XL, & PRO520XL.

(Price Per Knob)

New $3.75

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