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Coiled DC Power Cord.

SKU:  UA502A

Compatible With The Following Models: BC120XLT, BC230XLT, BC235XLT, BC245XLT, BC250D, BC296D, BC3000XLT, BC60XLT-1, BC80XLT, BCT10, BCT12, GPSRD, LRD2150SW, LRD2200SWS, LRD6100SWS, LRD6199SW, LRD6199SWS, LRD6250SWS, LRD6275SWS, LRD6299SWS, LRD6399SW, LRD6399SWS, LRD6499SWS, LRD6599SWS, LRD6699SWS, LRD757, LRD937, LRD957, LRD967, LRD987, SC150B, SC150Y, SC180B, & SC200 (Plugs Into Cigarette Lighter Outlet)

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