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Coiled DC Power Cord.

SKU:  UA502A

Compatible With The Following Models: BC120XLT, BC230XLT, BC235XLT, BC245XLT, BC250D, BC296D, BC3000XLT, BC60XLT-1, BC80XLT, BCT10, BCT12, GPSRD, LRD450, LRD750, LRD950, LRD1900, LRD1995, LRD2000, LRD2100W, LRD2150SW, LRD2200SW LRD2200SWS, LRD2200SE, LRD2300SW, LRD2400SW, LRD6100SWS, LRD6199SW, LRD6199SWS, LRD6250SWS, LRD6275SWS, LRD6299SWS, LRD6399SW, LRD6399SWS, LRD6499SWS, LRD6599SWS, LRD6699SWS, LRD757, LRD937, LRD957, LRD967, LRD987, RD22, RD27, RD60, RD1600S, RD1800S, RD2400ZX, RD2500S, RD3000ZX, RD4000ZX, RD3100S, RD5000W, RD6000W, SC150B, SC150Y, SC180B, & SC200 (Plugs Into Cigarette Lighter Outlet, 6ft)

New $15.99

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